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DEPOT Technology is a metal powder injection molding (MIM) professional manufacturer, which was founded by a group of professional technical development teams in the field of molds and materials. The technical team has accumulated many years of experience in MIM technology to assist customers with innovative solutions and quality requirements. DEPOT Technology is our long-term cooperative business partner to provide high-quality, diversified service and competitive products, and we are committed to our customers.

Customers demand the rapid growth of product technology, standing in the role of a manufacturer, Hongyi’s belief is

    『Win customer satisfaction with the best quality, service and technology』


In order to meet the high quality requirements of customers, mold technology and the introduction of the latest foreign equipment, professional ability to solve customer problems, grow with customers to obtain customer recognition and support for Hongjun products.

Pneumatic / power tool accessories
Hardware Accessories
Hand tool accessories
NB computer related accessories
Mechanical Parts
Medical equipment parts

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a process that combines thermoplastic injection molding with powder metallurgy to produce complex, high-density, high-performance metal parts. MIM breaks through the limitations of traditional powder metallurgy products, the strength limit of breakthrough die casting, the material flow limitation of stamping die forming, the mass production limit of precision casting and the high cost limit of turned parts. A variety of smart mobile devices are changing the world at incredible speeds, and these products require small size, light weight and perfect appearance. As a metal forming process, metal injection molding (MIM) combines the flexibility of design flexibility of powder metallurgy materials and plastic molds.


 MIM Compared with other processes

Characteristic Metal injection molding(MIM) Traditional powder metallurgy Die casting (zinc, aluminum) Precision casting Machining
Shape complexity high Low high medium high
Minimum thickness 0.5 mm 1mm 0.8mm 2mm 0.5mm
Surface roughness thin
1μm Ra
crude medium medium
5μm Ra
Mechanical strength high medium Low medium high
Material selection many medium few medium many
density 95~99% < 95% 100% 100% 100%
Precision medium high medium medium high
Electroplatability excellent Low medium excellent excellent
Mass production high high high medium Low
cost medium Low medium medium high

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